Cabo San Lucas

Santiago Travel December 10, 2017

By Anya Labonville

Cabo San Lucas thrives as a popular destination for many Californians who live in close proximity to San Diego, as well as many other beach goers from around the world. It’s easy to see why Cabo is a popular vacation spot. As one of Mexicos top five vacation destinations with its favorable climate, blue skies, clear, turquoise water, top resorts and festive atmosphere. One of the natural wonders of Cabo is El Arco, “The Arch.” These rock formations, with circular holes in the center, are majestic rock formations conceived from granite through which you can see a stunning gateway into the southern most tip of Baja California. Historically, it served as a landmark that was vital navigation for Spanish mariners. Today it serves as natural protection for the barrier reef making it an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Cabo San Lucas yachting Marina is one of the top tourist destinations. It can accommodate yachts up to 375 feet with a total of 370 slips available. This amenity makes it popular with those in love of a mega-yacht lifestyle, sailing, and sport fishing. The marina serves as a fully-operational boatyard with the necessary conveniences to appease vacationers such as water pump services, modern fuel docks with high speed pumps and a wide array of services for the disposable of owners, guests, crews and captains. The areas in and around Cabo offer some of the best deep sea fishing in the world and is home to very competitive sport fishing and tournaments. One of the biggest tournaments in Cabo is Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. This tournament has been around for 35 years now and has had the largest prize money payout in sport fishing history totalling over four million dollars.

If sport fishing isnt something of interest, however, Cabo also offers some of the most breathtaking sunsets, making sunset cruises a big attraction to indulge in. I was personally on one of these cruises with a group of friends for an exclusive event. As the sun melted away into stunning hues of pinks, oranges, and purples, we danced away while sipping on some of the best margaritas. If cruises and fishing arent of interest, there is an array of beautiful golf courses that surround the area to take advantage of too.

For something for the whole family to enjoy, hop on a panga fishing boat and head out to Cabo’s most famous natural feature, the Arch. “El Arco” is part of a formation known as the Three Friars, which make up the peninsula’s very southern tip, Land’s End. On one side you will experience the Pacific Ocean in all its grandeur and on the other side is the start of the Sea of Cortez. Expect to see crowds of people and cruise ships whilst enjoying the majestic rocks, keep your eyes peeled for pelicans and sea lions too. During early October through to late March, you may even be lucky enough to catch the annual migration of gray whales which bring thousands of these magical creatures to shallow lagoons around the Baja Peninsula. Some only go as far as Laguna Ojo de Liebre, far north, but many go all the way to the Sea of Cortez side and pass right by Cabo San Lucas.  There is also the Cabo Pulmo, a Mexican National Marine Park and home to the most breathtaking coral reefs. This would require a full day trip from Cabo, but certainly worth it!




The area surrounding the marina is bursting with vitality with amazing culinary offerings, shopping, and a vibrant nightlife and music scene as far as entertainment goes. Two of the most famous nightlife venues are Cabo Wabo and Squid Roe. Cabo Wabo’s festive atmosphere and live music make it a fun venue for spring breakers and regular vacationers alike to dance the night away and get a taste of the Mexican party scene. It encumbers a joie de vivre and an easy going vibe familiar to indigenous Mexicans. Squid Roe is also a local favorite that features live music and shows, and bottles of tequila with photos from the night are a souvenir available for purchase and make for funny souvenirs to bring home.

One of my personal favourite activities in Cabo is horseback riding on the beach and the horseback riding excursions that are available through the mountains. The tour begins on an operational Mexican Rancho, where the guide takes you up through the back trails where the apex is a heavenly view of Cabo and the ocean. You get to see a whole different view of Cabo in terms of scenery and vegetation with its sandy trails and an array of unique cactuses unlike anywhere else in the world.

As far as food goes, Cabo has an excellent array of tantalizing delicacies and flavours that accompany the dishes. One of the reasons the cuisine in Cabo is so rich with flavour is that Southern Baja happens to be one of the largest exporters of vegetables and herbs. One of my favourite foods that I think is a must for people to try is huitlacoche, which is dubbed the Mexican truffle. The flavour is bold and rich and deviates from regular truffle flavour. The fish tacos in Cabo are unlike any other tacos I’ve had, particularly at the restaurant Tacos Gardenias. Another is Almejas Chocolatas, known as Chocolate Clams in English this exquisite shellfish is cooked in a stone bed covered by a regional herb called “romerito.” In light of the aforementioned aspects of Cabo, what in fact keeps me coming back is the warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere of the Mexican people and their culture.