Chopard & The Cannes Film Festival – Celebrating twenty years of partnership

Santiago Jewellery December 9, 2017

The Cannes Film Festival marks its 70th anniversary with Chopard celebrating 20 years of partnership with the world’s most glamorous film event. From the Red Carpet colourful creations to the Chopard SPACE soirée, this is a partnership that continues to dazzle and impress.

To commemorate this double anniversary, the Swiss jeweller created an exceptional Palme d’Or with a cloud of diamonds adorning the precious Fairmined gold leaf motif. Chopard is expressing its deep-felt attachment to the Festival, while reaffirming its commitment to sustainable luxury. Redesigned by Caroline Scheufele in 1998 at the request of Pierre Viot, then President of the event, the newly interpreted trophy marked the start of a partnership that has been consistently reinforced over the years.

Since 2014, the Palme has been made from ethical gold certified Fairmined, affirming their determination to work towards a civically-minded form of luxury, respectful of people and the environment. Like stardust, diamonds sourced from a supplier certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) sparkle on the iconic leaves. Designed in Chopard’s Geneva jewellery ateliers in 1998, the precious palm is every inch a High Jewellery creation. Made of 118 grams of 18-carat yellow ethical gold certified Fairmined, the Palme rests on a rock crystal cushion shaped like an emerald-cut diamond. This ultimate detail renders the trophy truly unique, since nature never yields two identical rock crystals. It takes the five artisans of the Geneva-based House no less than 40 hours of work to hand-craft the most coveted gem of the Festival.

Red Carpet 2017 Collection, Colourful Creations

The Red Carpet Collection unveiled each year at the Cannes Film Festival provides Chopard with a recurring opportunity to push beyond the limits of its art while expressing boundless creativity. This year, the Geneva-based Maison dazzled onlookers with its daring and vividly coloured creations that glistened on the famous red carpet. The Red Carpet Collection is a result of the special partnership between Chopard and Cannes, intended to adorn stars for their red carpet appearances. Cleverly blending ancestral skills and cutting-edge techniques, they take shape through a fascinating synergy between the various talents exercised within the House. This May, at the 70th anniversary, no less than 70 creations inspired by women were unveiled.
Caroline Scheufele’s dreamed up creations, with vivid colours, earrings and bracelets, were yet again the red carpet favourites, discreetly or distinctively accentuating a slender neck or a dainty wrist. The Collection offers modern and audacious interpretations, whether in terms of design or materials. Chandelier earrings, or round and supple models forming carpets of multicoloured fine gemstones, matched by broad cuff bracelets made of titanium featuring richly brocaded arabesque motifs. Rings adorned with coloured stones of all cuts and majestic necklaces round off this kaleidoscope ensuring a stunning celebration of 20 exceptional years shared by the world’s most prestigious film festival and the
Maison Chopard.

Chopard SPACE Soirée

Each year, the Chopard soirée is one of the hottest tickets during the Cannes fortnight. Amid a supercharged atmosphere at Port Pierre Canto, Bruno Mars electrified the 600 or so guests, including superstar Rihanna, who attended the SPACE evening event. Chopard invited its guests such as Julianne Moore, Will Smith, Isabelle Huppert, Eva Herzigova, Rossy de Palma, Kendall Jenner, Sara Sampaio, Tina Kunakey, Phoebe Dahl, Bella Hadid, Thylane Blondeau, Latifa Arfaoui and many more for the Festival’s most eagerly anticipated soirée. Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele said on this occasion: “The Cannes Festival is a must for Chopard. Each year, I seek to dazzle my guests by offering them an original and unforgettable evening.”

During the course of the dinner, served in a space shuttle, fashion models paraded past, adorned in the latest Red Carpet creations from Chopard and wearing clothes by Elie Saab, before being joined for the grand finale by supermodels Arizona Muse, Winnie Harlow, Isabeli Fontana and Petra Nemcova. The highlight of the evening was the unique moment that Bruno Mars set the Chopard SPACE evening on fire by singing Treasure, That’s what I like, Chunky and Locked out of Heaven. Pop superstar Rihanna, adorned in creations from the Rihanna Chopard collection, graced the soirée with her presence. The pumped-up party continued right through the night. Roederer and Grey Goose, who had created a cocktail specially for the occasion named “The Queen of the Galaxy”, joined Chopard in ensuring that this SPACE evening entirely lived up to its expectations.

Roberto Coin

Santiago Jewellery, Personality November 24, 2017

A man with ambition and drive, a man with a heart. Roberto Coin’s greatness is rooted in his commitment to social responsibility that characterizes his personal life and his brand. An epicurean who refuses to conform, remaining enchanted by the mysteries and wonders of life.


When I was still working in my hotel in England, I received a precious lesson by one of the most memorable clients I hosted. The client was Earl Mountbatten who once told me that, a great man, must have a great memory to be able to remind himself that he has a heart. This lesson changed my life, it has been the starting point of my commitment in the social responsibility field that has characterized both my personal life and my brand over the years. Today I am on the Board of Directors of the World Diamond Council that – together with the United Nations – founded the Kimberly Process. Every diamond used in my brands creations is certified with the conflict free origin. Besides diamonds, I am committed to keeping any gold furnished by producers who are suspected of human rights violations out of the supply chain. I had the chance to speak In Shanghai at the UN pavilion about responsible luxury as the desirable future of the jewellery industry as well as in many other occasions that have all given me immense gratitude and recognition, both professionally and personally.


I used to say that I am a businessman who fell in love with creativity and not a creative man who become a businessman. I used to work in the hospitality business at the beginning of my career. I worked in Italy, France, Switzerland and England where in 1968 I opened the Duke of Richmond Hotel. At 34 years at the peak of my career, I decided to change my life completely and follow what was my dream since the beginning: working with my creativity. The most iconic expression of fashion and beauty to me was Jewellery and that is why I decided to take this direction instead of fashion or interior design. I took a big risk, starting a new adventure in a field in which I had no knowledge but only a strong instinct to create jewels like works of art. Today I can say that my bravery at 34 made my dream become my current reality.

I have more hobbies than spare time. That is why my family considers me a hyperactive person, always busy in reading, gardening and discovery. My hobbies make me feel alive and they nourish my creative vein. But I have to say that, after many years spent travelling all the world, hosting a few good friends with good wine and good food has become my favourite and most exotic party time.


From the first steps that I took in the world of Jewellery, Ive always wanted the Roberto Coin brand to be an eccentric entity, born in an unusual way and definitely unlike anyone else. As a matter of fact, it was already clear to me in 1996, when I launched the brand, that it would represent diversity, and I knew that it was exactly this diversity to become the fundamental characteristic of its identity. I create more than 500 new models every year aimed to beat globalization and give women the opportunity to find a different jewel, able to enhance their uniqueness. I used to say that being different is an art, as you need a certain artistic consciousness to cultivate your unique identity.


Driven by my passion for history and mythology I got in contact with three very special stories. Three tales that mixed reality and imagination, as is the nature of every true legend, and led me to a fundamental choice for my future. The first legend belongs to the world of ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs believed that the ruby was a sort of talisman capable of, if kept in contact with the skin, guaranteed love, joy and everlasting health. The second legend narrates the tale of Burmese warriors who wore the ruby for protection on the battlefield. And lastly, the third legend comes from an old Hindu myth in which rubies were considered to be the precious fruits of the sacred Kalpa tree – the tree of hopes and desires.

In 1996, for the first time I signed all the pieces of my Appassionata collection with a small ruby casted inside. The idea to set the stone in the internal side of my jewels, allowing the direct contact with the skin, appeared to me as a magical message of good wish to women. Over the year this hidden ruby, which is the most invisible signature ever chosen by a brand, has become famous worldwide giving me one of my favorite nickname: the collector of rubies.

Be yourself, be unique

Santiago Jewellery July 1, 2017




The Roberto Coin brand was founded in 1996 due to its founder’s innate love for the world of art and fashion. Roberto left his successful career as a hotel manager to pursue his passion. His creativity takes shape through the hands of the most renowned and historical Italian jewellery artisans, bringing his romantic and unconfined imagination to life.

“From the first steps that I took in this amazing field, I’ve always wanted Roberto Coin to be an eccentric entity, born in an unusual way and definitely unlike anyone else in both personality and objective.”

Taste and experimentation turn his creations into unprecedented examples of style and innovation that quickly catch the attention of the jewellery world, placing the brand among the most renowned Italian jewellers as well as at the top of international studies on design and quality. Each piece by Roberto Coin is the result of a thorough process, a journey through different cultures and multi-ethnical influences, into worlds of colours and nature, between echoes of past traditions and future projections. The capability to transfer the most varied experiences, dreams and perspectives into jewels, characterizes the brand’s collections with an unmistakable mark of identity and uniqueness.

Roberto Coin, himself, always knew that diversity would become the fundamental characteristic of his brands identity. All this made Roberto Coin the most successful Italian jeweler in America.

Besides the magic of aesthetics and innovation, the brand is committed to guaranteeing transparency in all matters regarding the raw materials used and its production process. It follows international treaties that aim to ensure that the origin of materials are exclusively conflict-free, respecting the fundamental principles of social and
environmental ethics.

Roberto learned a valuable lesson in his youth, a business man must always have a good memory to remind him that he also has a heart. In accordance with that lesson, he always sustains and promotes charitable organizations in the hopes of a bright future that he himself narrates through his creations every day. He supports activities on an international level. Since 2009, the famous Ad Campaigns featuring top model Christy Turlington, have given great contributions to humanitarian foundations such as Youth Aids, Care and Every
Mother Counts.



The Animalier Collection, as seen in the images, are created by the hands of the greatest artisans in jewelry who translate the animal kingdom into precious sculptures. Thanks to a meticulous study of both the anatomical characteristics and the legendary history of each creature, every piece of this collection is a magnificent symbol of the perfection of nature; a veritable zoo of creativity wrapped up in magical allure.

“Even today, after 20 years, I can confirm that my vision is the same as when I began, a vision that guarantees a more dynamic and curious future and, above all, a future capable of surprising again and again.” – Roberto Coin

Cannes 2017: A weekend with AVAKIAN

Santiago Jewellery July 1, 2017

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 22: Sara Sampaio attends the “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer” screening during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 22, 2017 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)


Jewellery, celebrities, parties – these are the first words that come to mind when I think of the Cannes Film Festival, France’s annual film festival, which previews new films of all genres from around the world. And whilst it is first and foremost a film festival, it is also these “necessary ingredients” that make the eleven days on the French Riviera completely unforgettable. Every year brings with it a high concentration of celebrities from the big screen and show business who come to watch, and critique, film premieres as well as walk the red carpet. The result is thousands of journalists, stylists, critics, tourists and fans of celebrities who gather at this small resort town in the South of France. This year, together with the jewellery company, AVAKIAN, I was lucky enough to visit Cannes and plunge straight into the thick of events.

The Cannes Film Festival celebrated a significant date this year – its 70th anniversary- taking place from the 17th till the 28th of May. A number of internationally acclaimed A-listers, celebrities and glitterati touched down in the French Riviera for the anticipated annual soiree. I was graced with the presence of Kirsten Dunst, Marion Cotillard and Kristen Stewart, as well as Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon, who elegantly walked the red carpet in glamorous couture gowns and lavish statement jewellery as a flurry of flashbulbs went off. It was Portuguese supermodel, Sara Sampaio, who truly pulled out all the stops at this years Cannes. As seen on the Ccercle front cover, Sampaio wore Maison Francesco Scognamiglio, a Victorian-inspired gown, at the premiere of The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Sampaio, who is styled by Jennifer Mazur, completed her look with sparkling diamond and emerald earrings and cocktail rings by AVAKIAN.



CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 21: Mary J. Blige attends “The Meyerowitz Stories” premiere during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 21, 2017 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Sara Sampaio is a rising star in the fashion industry and has made a name for herself as one of our most beloved Victoria Secret Angels. Whilst not an actress, at 25, she is a model to look out for, gracing countless pages of fashion magazines and billboards. This year, AVAKIAN was thrilled to work with Sampaio and the pairing was perfect, with an exciting opportunity for the brand to add that final glitz to her elegant red carpet looks. Sampaio was seen with other big names in the fashion industry, such as Bella Hadid, Eva Herzigova and Emily Ratajkowski, who all radiated style and beauty at the Palais des Festivals by adding a touch of model glamour to the 70th edition.

The jewellery at the festival was enchanting and I was thrilled to watch as the most glamorous of pieces were out in full display. Exquisite works were seen by Chopard, de Grisogono, Bulgari, Messika, Chanel, Boucheron, Chaumet and of course,  AVAKIAN. This was the height of luxury and the jewels on show were either from the designers most recent creations or they belonged to the Signature Brands collections. Amidst the sparkling classic earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with diamonds, were the colourful gemstone jewels, like the Gatsby earrings with pink manganite or green tourmalines by AVAKIAN, which took center stage at the French Riviera and truly captivated
many hearts.




“We’ve been taking part in the Cannes Film Festival for five years already,” Haig Avakian was telling me in an interview that was conducted live on my Instagram feed- @katerina_perez. For each jewellery company, attending the yearly event is not only an opportunity to adorn the celebrities with their jewels, but also a chance to network and meet new potential clients. Leading luxury brands rent beautiful rooms in the Martinez and Carlton hotels where they invite the international press, celebrities and VIPs. The Martinez can be regarded as the center point for all events, as it is here that many of the most famous A-listers stay. It is in this hotel that one will find the luxury suite of Chopard, the official jewellery partner of the festival, who this year introduced a brand new ‘Red Carpet’ collection of the most luscious pieces. At the exit of the hotel, from morning until evening, there are crowds of fans waiting for the appearance of their favourite stars. We watch as celebrities emerge from the hotel at different times sporting luxury jewellery and floor-length ball gowns, after all premieres happen twice a day and for each one you have to dress so as to make an indelible impression. “This year we witnessed a sharp increase in security measures at the Cannes Film Festival, which put people more at ease to wear some very important pieces of jewellery,” says
Haig Avakian.

Several hundred metres away from the Martinez on the main street, Les Croisettes, you will find another prestigious hotel –Carlton, where the AVAKIAN showroom is located. Having looked through the collections presented by the brand and watched as celebrities walked that red carpet with relentless charm, I could not help but wonder about the process of preparing the stars for their grand entrance. “We are in correspondence with the celebrities’ stylists before the event, as they don’t always come to Cannes personally. Usually, they send us photographs of the planned look for the red carpet on WhatsApp and we exchange photos of jewellery until we find the perfect option,” explains Haig. For the premiere of 120 Battements Par Minute, I was lucky enough to take part in the preparation of Sampaio’s look for this occasion. It was a thrilling experience and one I am now able to happily share with you, the Ccercle readers. I watched as the make-up artist accentuated all the right features and how the model, after several slow and thoughtful swaps, found the perfect pieces of jewelry to conclude her immaculate look. The Versace sparkling purple jumpsuit was paired with the AVAKIAN earringsfrom the Gatsby Collection with soft-pink morganites, white enamel and diamonds. She also went with the wrap-around bracelet from the Victory Collection with a pave of diamonds and mother-of-pearl. Having put on the jewellery, Sara got into a car, and after only a few minutes, was already standing in front of hundreds of lenses being ‘papped’ from all directions on the red carpet. Ten minutes later, her pictures had already appeared on Getty Images!

“Sometimes celebrities come in at an agreed time, but on other occasions everything happens spontaneously, therefore we bring jewellery to Cannes to match different tastes and styles,” explains Haig. It is without a doubt that AVAKIAN jewellery appeals to many tastes. The display at the Carlton offered a varied selection, ranging from an evening 5-row diamond necklace to a pair of elegant earrings from the permanent Riviera collection. As it happens, the first of these was worn by Mary J Blige to the Vanity Fair party, and the second sparkled on the model Toni Garrn at the premier of The Beguiled. So, the belief that red carpet jewellery is only accessible to the select few, is simply a myth.



My eleven days in Cannes was an unceasing whirlwind of events and exposure to some of the most exquisite gems. The festival is undeniably an excellent platform for jewellery premieres. “It was another glamorous year in Cannes for the 70th anniversary, where couture and jewellery brands presented some beautiful new creations,” says Haig. Taking advantage of this prime opportunity, AVAKIAN debuted a new collection of women’s jewellery watches, Lady Concept, which is inspired by the signature limited edition, Concept One collection for men, that was launched to mark the brand’s 40th anniversary. It is infused with a hint of masculinity to translate the Maison’s desire to push the creative boundaries and craft superlative designs in luxury. The watches come in a variety of colours and are already available at AVAKIAN boutique in Geneva and Moscow.