Coachella diaries

Santiago Event, Music July 1, 2017


By Liliana Nova


Going to Coachella is truly an incredible experience – from the exotic location in the middle of the Colorado desert to the amazing weather, parties, fun in the sun with friends and endless great music, it is truly a festival not to be missed, particularly for the fashionistas. I had an amazing time this year and was grateful to be attending on behalf of my favorite sunglass brand, Gentle Monster. With the endless pool parties and sunset sessions, these shades made the perfect match. Coachella is fun in terms of fashion because you can take more risks and dress a bit differently to how you would normally. Let us just say you can truly let that inner hippie out and channel your inner sun loving goddess.


The first day began with a cool pool party by Revolve for star influencer and friend Chiara Ferragni. Pool parties at Coachella are not your usual pool parties, they are an explosion of crazy outfits, the most delicious food and cocktails as well as an exciting array of activities. At Revolve we even had the chance of getting inked by the world famous Tattoo Artist, Jon Boy who was creatively expressing his talents for anyone who wanted to get a tattoo. Trust me he is worth it, I was really close on getting one but then something must have distracted me, next time!

I love festival weekends because you get to experience the perfect balance between an exciting escape from your daily routine as well as some much needed relaxing, socializing and catch ups with new and old friends from all over the United States – and even the world – who come to Palm Springs for these two much anticipated weekends. Besides the outside parties and events there is also of course the festival itself. You get to hang out with all your friends and listen to the top artists play phenomenal music, indulge in all kinds of food and snap a bunch of unforgettable moments. Something about the energy at these events makes you forget about anything negative or stressful and allows you a time to really appreciate being present in the moment!


Let us look into a more detailed take on fashion for Coachella…You see, there are not many occasions in your daily life where you get the chance to either dress like a flower child hippy from back in the 60s or play around with some crazy fantasy looks and still be deemed as “fashionably appropriate.” For Coachella you can truly live your little girls (or boys) dream and have fun with your styling (although there are of course still some tasteful rules at Coachella, do be warned). This year I mixed up some casual pieces with some crazy ‘It-Pieces’ such as this oversized Bob Marley Vest that looked totally incredible with my jean shorts and a pair of my old Chanel Dallas Over-the-knee boots. I also enjoyed the attention I received in my beloved black bodysuit with gold metal details that I wore for a shoot in the middle of the desert (note, this was was pretty hardcore considering the heat and landscape but all worth it for a glamorous
shot, right?)

As far as accessories go, I found my backpack to be the ideal item and most worn piece. They are the perfect on trend festival handbag – easy to throw on, super cute (obsessed with the Mini Louis Vuitton one I’m wearing) and they keep your hands free, love it! Speaking about my shoot in the Palms Springs, I was also lucky enough to get the chance to shoot in the most breathtaking surroundings with the sunglass brand I was marketing called Gentle Monster. We shot at the so called ‘Mirage House’ – a glass house in the middle of the Colorado desert and around a Circle of Mirrored Sticks by Phillip K Smith III. The art installation was truly breathtaking and the talent really blew my mind, impeccable!

Last but not least, I must mention my favorite part of Coachella which has to be the Neon Carnival.The Neon Carnival is sponsored by Levis and Tinder and truly brings out one’s inner child. It is a playground for adults (and semi- adults) who get the opportunity to embrace euphoric and melodic beats by the world’s best DJ’s while taking a wild ride on a roller coaster. I mean what more can one ask for? Hanging out and having fun with new and old friends from around the globe, sometimes even the artists themselves, appreciating great music, great food and great company. What an enchanting weekend !


Santiago Music December 2, 2016


By Naike Bokan

Whether you are a spiritualist working on your chakras; a rational geographer; a glamorous materialist; a dreamer who wanders off into the mystical past; a futuristic space traveler; a Mad Max enthusiast; or perhaps just someone longing to endure in the secretive Eleusinian Mysteries; whoever you may be, if you happen to find yourself in the middle of the Nevada Black Rock desert in August, prepare for letting go of all the physical and emotional boundaries and allow this true playful side of yourself
to shine through.

image51Like an untouched magical land, the desert of Nevada has an echoing emptiness, without any traces of civilization, it sits waiting for the creation of a new world. An enchanted world, resurrecting from and dissolving into dust, built by its great creator – man. For this very reason, Burning Man is much more than just another music festival and its ideals go far deeper than a whimsically colorful carnival – it represents a celebration of the creative power of man. The Burn promotes freedom of expression, which is a responsibility, not an anarchy; individuality in the form of a gift rather than selfish egoism; it is a communion emerged from the acknowledgement of each and every individual who attends. Being part of this ad hoc community, you can’t help but be inspired and drawn in by the Ten Principles, which mostly rely on the connection and the revolving of the individual combining into one. For me, as an artist, the principle of radical self-expression is the closest one to my heart, probably because  it is a crucial element of my point of view – art is a way of life, it is not something artificial. Art represents the natural and organic which every one of us can and should base our beings on. It was a playground for me to freely express my creativity without any boundaries. The leading philosophy behind the Burning Man festival is that every man is an artist, therefore each individual is a work of art on its own, one of the reasons why I myself wanted to take part in this experience in August this year. Best known to the public for the distinctive costumes of the participants, which you can say are without a doubt limitlessly unconventional and authentic. The innovation this world inspires, creates a feeling of boundless freedom and self-expression.

image3 image4 image5

You will soon come to the realization that a mask does not obscure our true face, but rather reveals us in our natural state. Speaking of deconstruction to reveal our true selves, I would like to mention a sculpture which I think reflects exactly that – the Heart of Gold. Inspired by this year’s theme “DaVinci’s Workshop”, the light installation is based on Leonardo’s polyhedron drawings. Just looking at its holographic sequence of infinity mirrors, giving the viewer a fusion of diverse lighting and color, instinctively suggests letting go of all barriers and encourages one to look inside as well as outside. A pluralistic perspective that calls upon you to take a different point of view. Burning Man feeds all of us longing, since our childhoods, to travel to outer space where we believed we could fly and build magical worlds of our own. It is for those of us who know that love, giving and freedom is the strongest power and gift and for those who believe they can change the world for the better.

Let your playful inner child run free without any judgement. The diversity of experiences from people around the world allow you to try and imagine yourself being there. Indulge in the fantastic and inspirational photographs; get creative and dream up your costumes and imagine yourself running wild in the desert. Be warned, however, that what you actually endure at Burning Man is not something you can ever foresee, control or prepare for, nor should you try because it will certainly exceed all your wildest expectations. In the words of Hamlet, who said the truth is in the readiness, being ready for Burning Man means – being ready for a complete surprise! Burning Man is not a mimesis nor does it try to be, rather it is a procreative evocation of the myth and rituals forgotten. It is an eclectic symbiosis of the future and the past utopia and dystopia, a pre-civilised and post apocalyptic experience that generates a ludic playground free of traditional convention.