Al Habtoor City | The Epitome of Luxury

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Dubai is known for its luxury lifestyle. In just 46 years the city has evolved from

a small trading post to a sprawling modern metropolis with some of the most recognizable

landmarks in the world. The Al Habtoor Group has been instrumental in the city’s

development. The UAE conglomerate built many of Dubai’s famous buildings, including the

iconic Burj Al Arab. Its hospitality portfolio consists of 14 world-class hotels in Europe, the

Middle East and the United States. One of its latest projects in Dubai is Al Habtoor City.

Joanna Andrews takes us on a tour.




Al Habtoor City, the brainchildren of Al Habtoor Group Founding Chairman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, is located in heart of Dubai – a city renowned for ultimate luxury.  The sprawling urban resort consists of three luxury collections: The Hotel Collection, The Residence Collection and The Leisure Collection, which includes a state-of-the-art aqua theatre rivalling live entertainment in Las Vegas and Macau. Al Habtoor City has the added benefit of being directly on the new Dubai Water Canal, a 3-km long waterway linking old Dubai to
the Arabian Gulf.

Khalaf Al Habtoor said, “Al Habtoor City is unlike anywhere else. You cannot find anything like it in any city in the world. It incorporates everything a guest could dream off including an array of widely different hotels, luxury residences and world-class entertainment.”

The complex incorporates three five-star hotels managed by Marriott International – the world’s largest hotel chain.

The St. Regis Dubai

This hotel extends the legacy of the famous Astor family to Dubai. It epitomises luxury with its beaux-art architecture and bespoke butler service.  The St. Regis Dubai has 234 rooms, which includes 182 rooms and 52 suites, and is complemented by eight distinctive culinary venues and the Iridium Spa for visitors who want a temporary escape from the bustling city.

The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City

The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City is largest Westin hotel in the region with more than 1,000 stylish rooms. The 41-storey structure stands tall on the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road. The refined interior is influenced by the Art Deco movement. Guests have six delicious restaurant choices offering an array of cuisines from around the world. For those wanting to experience ultimate relaxation the Heavenly Spa by Westin boasts 20 treatments rooms, a hammam and a yoga studio.


W Dubai – Al Habtoor City

For guests wanting to turn up the heat, the W Dubai – Al Habtoor City is the place to be. It’s known as the place where style visionaries and culture connoisseurs converge to redefine what’s new on the global stage. The hotel boasts 356 uber-stylish guest rooms and suites. Guests check in on the 30th floor where they are met with the best panoramic views of Dubai’s famous skyline.

Restaurants & Bars

Al Habtoor City’s Leisure Collection includes plenty of restaurant choices for guests, residents of Dubai and visitors alike. They can select from a variety of F&B options from within the hotels themselves including trendsetting choices like Cook Hall, a restaurant reminiscent of a Brooklyn snooker hall – albeit an upmarket one.  Il Capo, an Italian restaurant, has a massive wood-fire taking pride of place. J&G Steakhouse is styled after a North American hunting lodge featuring high-backed leather couches, heavy drapes and sizeable steaks, including its famous Tomahawk steak. Brasserie Quartier, favoured by Dubai chic socialites, offers provincial French fare in an elegant dining room setting. Namu, which boasts stunning views of Dubai from the W hotel, is edgier than your average sushi joint, offering Japanese and Korean dishes in a futuristic setting.

Nestled between the W and The St. Regis Dubai is The Atrium, the dining and entertainment epicentre of Al Habtoor City. There is a selection of restaurants spread over five floors which incorporates both global and home-grown concepts including Blind Dragon, an exclusive Asian-inspired lounge with private Karaoke suites. ZoCo, a vibrant Mexican restaurant provides customers with a taste of Latin America serving reimagined classic dishes alongside Latino distillations. The Rose & Crown is a quintessentially British pub offering guests comfort and charm. Visitors can wallow the afternoon away with a play a game of darts or pool. A famous red English telephone box outside the pub gives it an authentic touch. The City Grill is ready to fulfil guest’s carnivorous cravings, offering the richest ‘South African’ dining experience with a modern twist.  And for those who want to dance the night away Boa is the place to be. Boa boasts a Lounge, Terrace and Club providing a spectacular nightlife experience with some of the dance scenes top-rated DJs. Located on the 33rd floor of the W Dubai – Al Habtoor City, The Boa Terrace provides visitors with enviable views out into the Arabian Gulf.



La Perle by Dragone

The Al Habtoor Group recently opened La Perle, the region’s first permanent Las Vegas-style aqua show in a purpose-built theatre located within Al Habtoor City. The show is produced by one of the world’s most renowned artistic director, Franco Dragone. La Perle sees artists from 65 countries perform death-defying feats in a high-tech aqua theatre. The world-class entertainment has wowed visitors on a daily basis a spectacular 90-minute, jaw-dropping show.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor said, “La Perle brings a new era of entertainment to Dubai. Since opening, it has been a resounding success. It offers something truly unique to Dubai and the entire region.”

The Residence Collection

Alongside the world-class hotels is The Residence Collection. Housed within two 74-storey towers and one 52-storey tower, these stylish apartments include 12 penthouses, three of which are VVIP penthouses. The luxury Art Deco homes, with arguably the best views of Dubai – overlooking the Arabian Gulf and desert landscape – enjoy the very best of facilities right on their doorstep. Residents have access to unparalleled amenities including lap pools, gyms, spas and a state-of-the-art Tennis Academy, plus they have the added advantage of being directly on the Dubai Water Canal.

Al Habtoor City offers it all, no matter what your taste. It caters to everyone, and showcases the very best of what Dubai has to offer.

Rockin’1000 | 1000 Musicians To Change The Rules of Rock

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By Daria Longinotti

Rockin’1000 was founded in 2014 as a vision, crazy idea, impossible challenge!

The creator, Fabio Zaffagnini, who at the time worked as a marine geologist for the CNR Bologna, wanted to convince the Foo Fighters to hold a concert in Cesena, a small Italian town located in Emilia Romagna. To try and achieve his goal he needed to come up with something unique, something never attempted before: 1000 musicians singing in sync one cover song of the band, shot in high quality video to be published on YouTube and then to see what would happen…

He involved six of his friends in this crazy idea – Anita Rivaroli, Cisko, Claudia Spadoni, Mariagrazia Canu, Martina Pieri and Marta Guidarelli – professionals each in a different but functional sector in the pursuit of such an ambitious challenge.

A year of work went by with recruitment of musicians and volunteers from all over Italy, logistical and technical organization, continuous search for donors and supporters with the opening of a crowd-funding campaign to cover expenses, especially linked to the involvement of an excellent technical video and audio team.

On July 24, 2015, at the Cesena Racecourse the video was finally shot.

Thanks to the work of the music gurus who selected and prepared the musicians and the Orchestra Director who guided them in the project, supported by sound engineers and technicians, who had to try solve completely new issues, they were able to collectively come up with a technique capable of putting in sync, in a limited amount of takes, 1000 perfect strangers united by their passion for music. Something never done in this
way before.

The next day the video was on YouTube and soon enough David Grohl, leader of the Foo Fighters, responded to the appeal with a video message promising them that the band would come to Cesena, which happened on November 3, 2015. Incredible! The challenge was won!

This idea soon became a global phenomena and the video “Rockin’1000 Romagna calling Foo Fighters” received over 40,000,000 views, becoming the most seen video of the year.

The team were followed by media with interviews with broadcasters from around the world and acknowledgments of all kinds including the “Disruptive Award” at the Tribeca Film Festival
in New York.



In addition to achieving such an ambitious goal, the acknowledgement that the video has received is the overwhelming originality of the Rockin’1000 idea itself, namely that the union of ordinary people, without competition or protagonism and moved by a great shared passion for music, can come together and each one of them make their own contribution to allow for something greater to be achieved, cutting barriers and borders, reminding us that anything is possible when we the people
come together.

Best Of Chiara Arrigoni, chuckia – Rockin’1000 Summer Camp


With their new goal accomplished, Rockin’1000 has not stopped with their mission and desire to bring people from around the world into union and solidarity through music.

On July 26, 2016 at the Dino Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena, “Rockin’1000 That’s Live” was the first concert of the biggest rock band on earth in which 17 iconic songs of rock history were performed live. An all-consuming event followed by an edited CD by Sony Music Italy, ranked 4th place in Italian sales in a short amount of time, and countless awards including the Coca Cola On Stage Award as the event of the year and the
YouTube Silver Button.

On the 28th and 29th of July this year there was a new adventure: a Rockin’1000 Summer Camp held in a majestic setting on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Two days of full immersion into the music and nature where audiences and musicians lived together and shared their great passion including another new incredible Rockin’1000 style video that was produced on 3 high
technical medleys.



To support Rockin’1000 in its business and adventures over the past three years, brands, media partners and institutions, very close to the mission and the founding values of the project, have supported Rockin1000 in spreading their positive energy and continuing their vision. Brands and sponsors have supported Rockin1000 in an organic and highly rewarding way in terms of visibility and image return. Last year saw frontline by Nastro Azzurro dedicate their latest TV commercial to Rockin1000; Radio Deejay amplified the project; Courmayeur Mont Blanc, successfully integrated the camp among the novelties of the summer events in the area and Samsung and Intesa Sanpaolo participated with facilities and activities on the field. An example of teamwork that has rewarded the commitment and spontaneity of all brands involved.

Rockin’1000 has changed the rules of rock and has in the pipeline many more surprises. Many goals to pursue, many destinations to reach, many musicians to involve in every corner of the world, many partners and sponsors to receive, many dates to schedule in Italy and not only there for a project which promises to be increasingly global.

“Stick together and play rock and roll” … see you in 2018!

Videos and info: www.rockin1000.com

My Mykonos

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By Dimitri Demetriades

My first memories of Mykonos date from the late 1970s when my parents would regularly stop on the island during our cruises of the Aegean Sea. It always had a unique feeling, certainly accentuated by the stories my father would tell me of his partying there as a young Athenian in the 1950s and 1960s. The island had just been “discovered”, most beaches were only accessible by boat and electricity would only run for six hours a day!


In the early 1990s, as a teenager, I came back to explore the island by myself and fell irrevocably in love with its spirit. Back then the all-day beach partying scene was already vibrant, the town had many nice restaurants and the first world-class hotels had sprung up. After swimming, straight from the beach, we would all rush into to town to catch the sunset from the Caprice bar which exists to this day. It recently relocated by 5 meters from its historic location but the view and the cocktails remain as good as ever. Do not miss it.

The 2000s and Greek economic boom brought more Athenians with higher spending power and the locals responded by raising their game. The metal tube-and-plastic strap sunbeds were replaced by wood-and-mattress ones, the cheap plastic umbrellas replaced by folding cloth ones. The beach restaurants which used to be little more than prefab cantinas turned into gastronomical havens. Pioneer in this shift upmarket was Nammos restaurant which opened in 2003. Luxury Collection, Leading Hotels of the World, Relais et Chateaux and other chains also landed on the island during that period.

The financial crisis struck towards the end of the decade just as the first bottles of champagne were starting to appear on the beaches. By 2010 Greece had been hit harder than most other countries and the entire middle class of the country had been wiped out economically. As a result the local hoteliers and restauranteurs, resourceful as always, shifted their attention once more to the up-market international crowd with an added focus on the newly rich emerging markets. By 2015 the Greeks had broadly been replaced by Arabs, Turks, Brazilians, and Russians. Today Mykonos seems to be fully accepted as one of the Mediterranean elite destinations along with Ibiza, Sardinia and the South of France.

For the past twenty five years no summer has passed without me visiting the island for a week or two (and often more!) and as a result many friends now ask for my ‘list’ of suggestions on the island, a summary of which you can find below.

The first decision you will have to make is where to stay. If you are afloat the best anchorage in my opinion is the bay of Psarou. Completely protected from the northerly Meltemi wind (during the summer it can blow fiercely for weeks at a time) while giving you easy access by tender to Nammos, Skorpios and
Santa Marina.


If you are sleeping ashore the main question is in town or outside. If you prefer the convenience of walking back to your hotel after a long night out then I recommend the Belvedere Hotel. It has a great location, a nice view from its pleasant pool and the Mykonos Nobu/Matsuhisa restaurant. The owners Nicolas and Tassos are always welcoming and you will also find them managing the Matsuhisas of St Moritz and Athens.

If walking to your hotel’s private beach is more important, then the clear answer is the Santa Marina Hotel in Ornos. It was the island’s first luxury hotel, built in the 1980s by the visionary Ilias Papageoriou (a friend of my father’s) and run today by his daughter Christiana who constantly renovates and upgrades the facilities. Apart from the private beach it has several pools, great views of the nearby islands and a Buddha Bar beach restaurant for late lunch. The complex also has small villas with private pools if you value privacy. The drive into town is only ten minutes (although traffic and parking can make it longer) and you’ll probably need a car anyway in Mykonos to go to the other beaches, unless you take the hotel boat of course.

Talking of other beaches my favourite ‘quiet’ one is Lia (not to be confused with Elia) which is also the most remote one. The waters are  crystal clear blue – green, the sunbeds nice and the restaurant very decent. Another quiet suggestion is Agios Sostis with equally nice waters and sand but no infrastructure whatsoever. For the bohemian-chic crowd this virgin state might be an attraction point, for others the sunburns might be a turn off.
Your decision.



If you chose a ‘party’ beach the unmissable classic of the island is Nammos on Psarou bay. The sunbeds are probably the most luxurious of the island but unfortunately also the most closely packed which is probably why I prefer to skip the swim there and arrive around 4-5pm for a late lunch. If you feel truly festive get a table in the semi-indoors side which goes into proper party-mode after 6pm with champagne spraying etc. Nowadays I prefer the garden side with a more relaxed Club 55 feel. Music is not as loud, there is no dancing while the food is excellent on both sides.

Another favourite, ‘Principaute Mykonos’, was opened last year in Panormos beach by the legendary maître d’ of Nammos, George Papageorgiou. Very carefully designed with unrelenting attention to detail, amazing food, crystal clear waters and spacious sunbeds. It is possibly the best beach choice if you do not want to risk being champagne-sprayed on!

Alemagou at Ftelia beach is upping its game every year with very good food while keeping its fantastic combination of sunset views, uncluttered beach and great music. Be warned though of the ‘event’ evenings when the beach turns into a proper festival with thousands of guests!

Skorpios near Paraga beach opened in 2015. The beach area is spacious although the sea is not great. Sunset views are among the best on the island and the food is good. Thursdays and Sundays sunset parties are very popular but it gets a bit too crowded for my taste. Given its enormous size it can unfortunately maintain neither the exclusivity nor the ‘niche’ feeling of the other beaches.

By 10 pm you might want to hit the town for dinner. Your first stop, at the feet of the iconic floodlit windmills, should be the classic Sea Satin Market restaurant. Excellent fish served by the sea. The (mainly Greek) music picks up around midnight and the dancing on the tables goes on for several hours.

A recent addition to the dining scene is Hakkasan/LingLing run by the Nammos team: great vibe, great crowd, great food. Possibly my favourite option for an eclectic evening.

For a more relaxed dining experience try Catari close to the old port, owner Egidio will always make you feel very welcome and will delight you with his amazing Calamari pasta. The colourful ceramics on the wall and the Sofia Lauren movies playing above the bar complete the Neapolitan atmosphere.

The nightlife of Mykonos town is so diverse and vibrant that I cannot enumerate all the possibilities. Probably the best strategy is to walk through the small meandering streets and hop from bar to club to bar. My only special mention is Astra, one of the pillars of the scene since the 1980’s. Usually packed from 2 till 5am and even later on weekends. You will listen to the best dance, electro and rock on the island. Just don’t expect to hear any Lady Gaga or Greek music there.

Closing this little list of Mykonos and usually also closing the night on the island is Cavo Paradiso on Paradise beach. An “institution” that has been bringing the best international djs to the island for more than twenty years, its amphitheatrical arrangement around a pool on a cliff by the sea offers one of the best sunrises of the Med.

Personal ‘hidden gem’: the most romantic place to watch the sunset or the stars is the Armenistis lighthouse at the very north extremity of the island (usually the windiest too) where you can see the nearby islands of Tinos, Syros as well as the smaller, uninhabited Rinia and Delos. Delos is possibly the most important Greek archaeological site outside the Athens Acropolis so if you have time do the day-trip visit.

Special thanks to Der Mits (@dermitsphoto) for allowing us to reproduce his photographs of the Armenistis Lighthouse and Mykonos Port for this article.


Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas

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Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Hotel and Villas

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, the opening of Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi marked Hyatt’s entry into the UAE capital, and was the first hotel to open on the natural island of Saadiyat.


Located on the prestigious natural island of Saadiyat along a nine kilometre stretch of environmentally protected white sand beach and within minutes of Abu Dhabi’s prime business district and Corniche, the stylish contemporary resort caters for both business and leisure travelers alike, offering spectacular unobstructed vistas of the waterfront and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club from rooms
and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi offers an incomparable blend of year-round sunshine, pristine sandy beaches and Arabian history, tradition and modernity.  Visitors can also enjoy desert safaris and dune driving in four-wheel drive vehicles and a range of beautifully located golf courses with breathtaking views and award-winning designs.

 The stunning island property reflects Hyatt’s authentic and elegant approach to hospitality.  In addition to the 306 luxuriously appointed rooms, suites and villas, the hotel also presents a first class array of dining options serving a wide selection of cuisine from around the world: The Park Bar & Grill, The Café, Beach House and The Library. Resort activities include four generously sized swimming pools, a range of non-motorised water activities, the beautiful Atarmia Spa with nine spacious treatment rooms, outdoor private terraces, fitness facilities, a tennis court and Camp Hyatt children’s club. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi also offers visitors and guests an impressive range of meeting venues to cater for any occasion, from exclusive board meetings to large conferences and social gatherings.

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s 306 spacious rooms, suites and private villas offer guests a secluded and luxurious place to retreat. Each room has a spacious, open-plan bathroom with an oversized stand-alone bath tub and dedicated rain-shower area as well as a spacious balcony with views towards the Arabian Sea, golf club or hotel swimming pools. The resort’s luxurious Beach View, Garden View Suites and Villas offer guests a private, residential ambience. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens they also feature a large terrace with a private plunge pool, rain shower and sunbeds overlooking Saadiyat Beach or the Golf Club. The design of all guest rooms is contemporary with a blend of arabian décor. All wooden elements in guest bedrooms and corridors originate from a mixture of oak and black American walnut from Finland. Guest bathroom features are made from Chinese lava wave marble as well as white marble originating from Oman.


The hotel’s signature restaurant, The Park Bar & Grill, is set over two levels and is connected by a long showpiece staircase. It offers authentic grill cuisine served from a theatrical show kitchen with an emphasis on succulent choice cuts of grilled meat, poultry and seafood.  Featuring a private dining room and several semi-private dining tables, The Park Grill is the ideal venue for intimate dining.

The Café is the hotel’s stylish all-day-dining restaurant serving Arabic specialities and featuring an impressive show kitchen with a large wood-burning oven. Breakfast is served buffet style and features international and regional items. Lunch and dinner offer a choice between a large selection of Middle Eastern hot and cold mezzeh from the restaurant’s oversized buffet counters, Arabic grills and oven-fresh bread. The restaurant is located on the ground level and offers additional outdoor seating overlooking the hotel’s
beautiful gardens.

Set close to the hotel’s swimming pools, Beach House offers traditional poolside favourites, light fare and homemade ice-cream during the day with a lively and casual atmosphere. As evenings approach, the restaurant serves homemade dishes from the Mediterranean, a selection of sangrias, cocktails and international bottled beverages. With a view of the Arabian Gulf on one side and the beautifully landscaped gardens of Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on the other, The Beach House is a charming venue for guests looking for long weekend lunches or memorable evenings by the beach.

The Library is Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s contemporary tea lounge, serving selected teas, barista coffee specialities, homemade Western and Arabic pastries and grand cru chocolates.  With its orange leather panels, accents of black marble and open fire, The Library is the perfect place for intimate meetings in a tranquil and comfortable setting.

Located 500 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi and with its miles of natural beaches, Saadiyat Island is poised to become an international beachfront tourism destination.

Activities in Abu Dhabi range from diving, wakeboarding and kayaking to desert safaris, sunset cruises and guided tours through Arabic history. Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is located just minutes from the hotel and offers a championship 18-hole golf course designed by golfing legend Gary Player.

After spending the day on Saadiyat Beach or touring the city, hotel guests can relax further at the luxurious day spa, Atarmia, which offers beauty and health treatments, as well as a fitness centre, a whirlpool, steam room and sauna. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi also offers a tennis court and four outdoor swimming pools, including a children’s pool.

For more information and reservations

call +971 2 407 1234

or visit abudhabi.park.hyatt.com