Unique style LE FRANCAIS Personal Shopper

Santiago Fashion May 7, 2015

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’.

Yves Saint Laurent

Welcome to a taste of French style in the heart of London. Le Francais Personal shopper is a personal shopping service established by French native Florian Perrault dedicated to helping people with there style needs weather it be a wardrobe revamp, A special occasion, or perhaps a gift for a loved one Le Francais Is here to lend a helping hand.

Offering a unique service that supports anyone’s style needs that may not have the time to go shopping or is just looking for some style advice. We demonstrate our vast knowledge providing each of our clients with not only a personal shopper but also special services including Colour Analysis in order to understand what colours best suit your skin tone, as well as a body mythology so that you can comprehend what looks the best on your body shape allowing you to feel and look your best based on your natural look all included in the same package.

Our services are available for both men and women and you have the choice of what package you would like to go for such as the complete personal shopping experience or an emergency service that you may require for an event or special occasion that you have coming up.

For men we also offer the same services as well as specific options such as Accessories, Bespoke tailoring, Leather goods, and support on the best Barbers in London in order for you to look great from head to toe.

Our French touch is the distinctive factor that permits our clients with the experience of France right on there door step such as guidelines on how to combine the elegance of French style with their own personal charm.

The First Consultation will be done in a location of your choice so that everything is done on your own preferences and comforts. During the first meeting we will chat over a French breakfast that we will provide and discuss what it is exactly that you are after, we will then talk about your colour analysis and body mythology, and draft up a list of the best stores and boutiques in London that will cater to exactly what you are want then Le Francais is off to the shops either with you or alone whichever you prefer.

So if you are looking for a unique and personal service catered just for you Contact Le Francais Personal shopper or visit our website www.lefrancais-personalshopper.com and you could be on your way to French chic.