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Aristocratic car

January 17, 2018

by Anju Bhojwani

When Andy Palmer joined Aston Martin as the new CEO in 2014, he had the continued responsibility to build the “Most beautiful cars in the World.” As the new Aston Martin DB11 was revealed, this task has proved to be a runaway success. The stunning successor to the DB9 is a perfectly balanced, classically muscular car, sometimes described as “a sports car dressed in a tuxedo” This is the present offering from a lineage that began with the DB1, bearing the initials of the man that purchased the Aston Martin company in the 1940’s, David Brown, a machine manufacturer and driver. The DB11 has stepped into modernity and is a pleasure to drive with every component in synch with each other. The driving position is low with a choice to go lower and visibility remains clear.   There is new 600 bhp twin turbo 5.2 litre V12 engine that drives this high performance grand tourer. This provides a 0-62 mph capability in a mere 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. Reduced fuel emissions and improved fuel economy are also achieved. This leads us to the famous soulful growl of the DB11 engine, deriving purely from intake and exhaust. This deep throat sound gets harder and grittier in the Sport and Sport Plus mode. Aficionados will no longer need to hold their breath. The engine sound is terrific. The new car is definitely more comfortable than its predecessor.  The wheelbase is 65mm longer, the body 28mm wider and 50mm longer. This enhances headroom at the front and more legroom in the rear. Aston jokes that potential guest passenger may no longer need to be bribed to get into the back! The shallow boot can take a small suitcase, ideal for a couple driving off for a weekend in the English countryside or for a tour of the magical Cote D’Azur. The design and styling of the car is simply unique; its effortlessly classy in a way that say, a Ferrari F12 just isn’t! The sumptuous interior is a show stopper with a club like quality and a handmade finish. The bespoke combinations of colours and finishes are limitless. The seats themselves are new with thinner backs and side bolstering. The factory has invented a berouged leather styling for the seats, as an option,  which has become synonymous with the new car; the seats are like fine furniture. The new leather aroma and open pore wood finishes only add to the allure. Perhaps the most novel styling offering comes in the form of the new roof strakes, available in aluminium, a same body colour, or black. These aggressive looking strakes cause air pressure to be extracted from the front wheel arch to reduce lift and does away from the somewhat dated and ugly. Need for a rear spoiler and makes way for the beautiful sloping rear of the car. Aston is thus staying ahead of the aero know-how game. The front dash has a Mercedes Benz electronic architecture with an 8-inch central screen and 360 degrees cameras making parking a dream. The rest is all still pure Aston Martin. A final mention to emphasise Aston’s attention to detail: they hired a specialist company to to create its own suite of noises and sounds for the electronics (such as the reverse parking sensors).  The company was given orders to make them sound “Aristocratic ” Rest assured this new DB11 both looks and sounds great!