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Coming in from the cold SIBERIA NIGHTCLUB

May 7, 2015

by Ccercle


Moscow’s Siberia restaurant stands as one of the last bastions of the city’s luxury nightlife. It is located in one of the central streets surrounded by impressive mansions and old churches.

This mansion belonged to a renowned member of the Russian intelligentsia, Professor Rosanov and is a fine example of architecture of the classical period. As such it is the ideal choice for the Russian restaurant.

The interiors maintain the classic tradition with its high ceilings, wooden floors and numerous chrystal chandeliers surrounding the enormous Tsar chandelier hanging in the middle. The decorations – fresh flowers, expensive fabrics and massive furniture – all unite to create an atmosphere that is both chic and cozy.

The restaurant is divided into four zones: a main section on the ground floor, and above, balconies, chimney areas, and an open summer terrace on the rooftop, all of which makes The Siberia suitable for many different kinds of occasions.

The idea to create “a trendy Russian restaurant” in Moscow came to the owner’s mind after he had tested the concept in Russian

regions. ‘The name Siberia is a quintessence of everything Russian – taste, tradition and soul.” – he explains.

While the restaurant bears the imprint of the owner at every turn, he prefers to remain anonymous. There are rumours that he loves the place so much and gives to it so much attention that he even plays music there sometimes. One day when you are there, you may be lucky enough to hear one of his pieces!

Certainly his recipe for an exclusive club works. While everybody has been forecasting the demise of Moscow’s nightlife, Siberia celebrates another anniversary in February, catering to the tastes of Russian A-listers and the international luxury crowd. All this with neither a famous chef,  a famous designer, or an owner-brand like Novikov or Costes.

DSC_7555“Russian customers are difficult to please,” says the owner. “They want everything in one place: excellent food, the best live music and to be able to dance to the beats of famous DJs. So we have created just this kind of place for them”.

And indeed, Siberia caters for every taste, no matter what –  a quiet dinner with friends or loved ones on the summer terrace accompanied by perfectly selected chamber music or a loud party with friends featuring a concert by famous Russian bands, followed by electro music – its all here.

Particular attention should be paid to the food here. A homegrown chef, Mikhail Simagin, has recast the Russian cuisine adding an international flavor. The accent is on local products of the best quality. The food is cooked without adding any artificial colorants, flavors or preservatives. “We want the best quality for our clients. We bring the dairy products from the local farms, fresh fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan and deliver wild fish and seafood directly from our suppliers in Japan and Russian Far East”, insists the owner. The salad with crab and bottarga caviar and the Pistachio raspberry roll for dessert are to ‘die for’.

For the cocktail-lovers, there is a specially created cocktail menu with rare and exotic ingredients – a broth of cones, berries of sea buckthorn and other specifically Russian products. In addition, the classic and exotic cocktails also deserve the highest praise. For example, The very first sip of ‘The Ultimate’ cocktail conjures a wild Caribbean island.

So what’s next? Given the growing popularity of the Russian cuisine and culture abroad and the versatility of the concept, the owner has plans to export the concept abroad. Maybe soon, we will be celebrating life in Siberia Dubai or Siberia London, savouring the experience of  Russian style wealth, taste and beauty.