Russian women in London

May 19, 2017

by Alexandra Shishlova

Today, many call London the picturesque centre of the world. The United Kingdom is one of the most desired places to live in for various Russians as well as Europeans. England, however, is one of the only countries that no longer wants to be part of the substantial European Union. English people are trying to separate themselves from the majority of the world and want to be by themselves. In their opinion, this is possible in the near future. Prime Meridian acts as a speciality and intercepts their vast territory.

In this article, I will commence to discuss the outstanding differences and similarities between European or Russian women and English women. People in England are not influenced by stressful conditions. Rather, they are surrounded by tranquility and adore the manner of reciting as well as delivering jokes. Comprehending English humour is more challenging than people can imagine, especially at its peak. This would be particularly in the case of anatomy jokes, which would be around the human body.

Exquisite irony from playwrights, which include George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde, is understood by everyone. Nevertheless, falling trousers, witty remarks about toilets, comments about contamination and unpleasant talk of Mr Bin and Benny Hill call for embarrassment from other nations. Anyhow, perhaps we cannot perceive the subtle English humour.

‘Insular psychology’ is not nearly the same as other Europeans and the adherence to English traditions is recognised. In other words, we call this conservatism. My English girlfriends traditionally use two taps with hot and cold water, a chain on their toilet and block out any sounds of criticism about changing windows or doors in extremely old houses.

Surprisingly and legally, this change is not always possible to accomplish in every household. Traditions remain traditions. Eventually, it provides national integrity and defends the strengths in their character within the context of globalisation. This is a place of eccentrics and everyone has free will to do whatever they want or crave.